Our ambition is to revolutionise and simplify critical training procedures for

by involving senses

ADvirtual creates customised simulations for training critical operation and procedures for Life Science and Healthcare industries

By utilising the latest technologies within Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality we create unique immersive and engaging training simulations for our customers

Our customers have different needs and requirements, we convert and implement these needs into definitive solutions that have an impact and deliver the expected results. Giving our customers robust solutions for heavily regulated industries

Obviously, Virtual Reality cannot (and shouldn’t) replace all the training required to prepare a workforce, but it offers exciting new opportunities with powerful impact & substantial business value

Who we work with

Industries we work within 

Life Science

Pharmaceutical and Biotech manufacturing is a heavily regulated. Training needs to be cGMP compliant. Virtual Reality training simulations can enhance and secure that operators are trained in compliance and consistent with regulations 

Complicated procedures can be carried out via Virtual Reality training simulations giving an immersed hands-on experience leading to a better, faster training, reducing downtime and human error on operations

Bridging the Gap between theory and practice

Reflective learning and Better learning retention

Improved safety in on-the-job training

Increased productivity and fewer errors and non-conformities

Faster to Market and Operational readiness


Virtual reality simulations for the training of healthcare professionals provides the opportunity to train in a safe simulated environment a vast number of critical procedures and activities

A countless number of scenarios can be simulated in various degrees of complexity, prepare people for critical situations without putting their patients or themselves in danger. Resulting in a deeper understanding, and ultimately resulting in a better patient safety

Strong and lasting impact on people’s behavior, learning by doing

Adjustable levels of complexity and stress

Coordinated work with other team members

Reduced training costs

Limits expensive training materials

We work with the latest technology
Being up to date with current trends and developments is important for us
This means that we can offer the best technical solutions for our customers requirements

Virtual Reality

Is a simulated environment built with 3D technology or 360-video. It completely removes the user for the real-world environment placing them in a simulated environment

These simulated environments combines realistic images, sounds, video and sensory feedback to help simulate the user’s presence in the simulated environment

Virtual reality typically uses HMD (Head Mounted Display) to immerse the user into the environment and handheld controllers for interacting with the simulated environment to carry out tasks and actions

Virtual Reality is the perfect tool for interactive training and has many benefits over other traditional training methods

Augmented Reality

Is a combination of the real-world environment with virtual digital elements. Interaction with this digital over lay typically occurs with the use of a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone. The digital elements can be in the form of 2D or 3D digital data, sound, text, video and effects to enhance the user’s real-world experience and for interaction with

Augmented Reality differs from Virtual Reality in that the users has an ongoing awareness of the real environment they are in, whereas Virtual Reality completely replaces the user’s real-world environment



Mixed Reality

Is a merging of real and virtual worlds to produce a new interactive environment with digital objects co-existing and interacting with the real world 

Interaction in this new environment is via the use of a Mixed Reality headset such as Microsoft HoloLens. These Mixed reality headsets use Spatial mapping technology giving them the ability to create a 3D map of the environment. It allows a device to understand and interact with the real world. Spatial mapping is useful for collision avoidance, motion planning, and realistic blending of the real and virtual world

Mixed reality headset offers exciting new possibilities for hand free operations and tasks. Allowing for interaction with real time machine data and instruction

Working with us

Finding the right project

When considering the use of Virtual Reality for training, it should be about choosing the right situation for introducing VR. It is especially so when dealing with a new technology and learning methodology that people are less familiar with. You will need to archive the right effect of your investment.

ADvirtual has over 40 years of consulting experience within Life Science and can assist with this selection.

By choosing the correct situation, you’ll be increasing your chances of success and of demonstrating real impact and value for employees, managers and other stakeholders.

Some factors to consider when choosing a project for training with Virtual Reality are:

Contains critical procedures
Involves interactions (with humans and/or equipment)
Involves a large volume of training
Requires tracking, certification & reporting for regulatory requirements
Reducing known errors and non-confirmities

It is safe to assume that not all items will match any situation, but you should aim to have as many as possible.

Who are we?

ADvirtual works exclusively with Life Science and Healthcare customers

ADvirtual’s team is specialized within these two industries giving us the advantage in that we understand our customers’ processes and products 

We have a good knowledge of GMP and SOP development and regulations related to these industries

Posing a deep understanding of these industries means that we require little onboarding to be able to produce the solutions that our customers are looking for

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